A Critical Need for Threat Intelligence

Protecting your devices and networks from intrusion is vital for your organisation’s network security and protection. If a malicious attacker creates a breach, it can lead to massive losses for your organisation, your reputation and your business as a whole.

Nations, large organizations and businesses are high value targets for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The motives of these attacks can vary from cyber and industrial espionage to economic damages and data breaches. Are you properly equipped to prevent such attacks?

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provides you with the intelligence to discover threats before they fully enter the system and gives you the power to see the future now by detecting campaigns on average 4 weeks ahead of the industry.

Proactive Threat Prevention

Enhance your security teams with insights on the most recent command and control servers that have occurred. Ratspotting can be integrated into your SIEM tools and SOC solutions.

Monitor Malicious Campaigns

Ratspotting allows you to stay informed of malware targeting your industry and organisation by continuously monitoring traffic for suspicious activity.

Validate Your Network

Ratspotting identifies IPs in your networks that could involve malicious activities.

Key Benefits:


Are you a small or medium business?

APT attackers are increasingly using smaller companies that make up the supply-chain of their ultimate target as a way of gaining access to large
organizations. Do not let your busines turn into a steppingstone for adversaries.

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